Step by Step Checklist for Sellers

First things first:

  • Do all selling parties agree that it is time to sell?
  • Are you in a financial position to sell?  (How much do you owe?  Will market conditions allow you to sell the house for a gain/profit?)
  • What is the current condition of the home? Does anything need to be fixed?

When ready to sell:

  • Call your real estate agent (or decide to interview a few) and invite them over to walk through your home and provide a value opinion?
  • Establish your timeline – when would you like to/do you have to move?
  • Prepare your home to sell – consult a stager/de-clutter/finish any repairs or updates/ paint/dust
  • Sign listing paperwork with real estate agent
  • Establish sale price for the home
  • Design a 30/60/90 day strategy for the home sale with price reductions built in
  • Have photographs taken for marketing
  • Decide who will be notified when a showing is requested
  • Mark down Open House and Agent Tour dates to ensure that the home will be “show ready”
  • Establish routines within your home to keep things tidy and organized
  • Have plans in place for pets and kids in the event of last minute showing requests

You have an offer:

  • Ask questions to your realtor to assist in making decisions.
  • Be sure to have all paperwork signed and initialed.
  • Prepare for the inspection period: how long does it last?  What happens? Who pays?
  • After the home inspection, there will be more negotiation.  Get ready.  Keep eyes on the prize!
  • Be aware of when the appraisal is happening and make sure your realtor is present with comps.

Where are you going?:

  • If you are simultaneously buying a new home, a good time to start looking is when your home is first listed and/or when there is significant interest.
  • Coordinate your new home purchase/move out date with the requested closing date of current home.
  • Be sure to arrange for movers, if you so desire.
  • Within one week of closing, contact all utility companies to have the accounts changed out of your name.  Also notify the post office, newspaper and neighbors. 
  • Collect any keys that you may have given to neighbors or friends to be handed over to new owners at closing.
  • Within 48 hours of closing, you should see the HUD1/Settlement Statement from the title company handling the closing.  Review the numbers to make sure they are accurate.  If you do not understand, contact your agent.
  • Plan to bring picture ID with you to closing and a certified check in the event you need to pay out any liens at the closing table.