What is home staging?  Is it expensive? 

One of three things is going to sell your home:  location, condition or price.  Home staging addresses the “condition” aspects of your home.  We want the property to shine, wow!, impress, and provide potential buyers with a vision for how they CAN live in your home.  In order to do this, it’s important to de-clutter, neutralize, provide positive sensory experiences, open up spaces, and remove some (not all) of the personalized pieces. 

Studies show that a house that is professionally staged, sells about 50% faster than a home that is not staged.  In my business, I call upon the services of experienced designers and marketing gurus to assist you with this portion of the home preparation process.  For all homes over $250,000, the initial consultation fee is on me!  I’ll pay for the advice and expertise of a stager who will give ideas, tips and concrete “suggestions” for what you should do to your home to make it sell fast!