Making it Personal

Sellers are people!  Buyers are too.  Sellers are trying to move out of a home; buyers are looking for a home to move into.  A match to be made!

Most real estate consumers appreciate “the real story.”  Here are some things to share:

  • What is the story of the house?  Any history to be shared?  Who did current owners buy the home from?  Tell a story.  Write it down.
  • Did sellers do renovations/updates?  If so, are there “before” and “after” pictures that can be shared?
  • A home is so much more than the bricks and sticks.  What are the neighbors like?  Are there block parties?  Neighborhood get-togethers?  Progressive dinners? 
  • Marketing tags throughout a listed house (to tell more about some of the features of the home, or potentialities, or a part of the story).
  • Leave valuable info out for buyers to see – age of mechanics, other updates, community newsletters.
  • What attracted the current owners to the home when they purchased?  Why are they moving?  What will the sellers miss?

Making it real makes people feel comfortable and builds trust.  This is the foundation of a successful transaction.