Let the Light In...

"Plenty of natural light."  This is a statement I hear time and time again in the world of real estate.  I want it, I see it, I have it.  Light.  Pouring through windows, skylights, canned lights and chandeliers.  Always desired.

And so it goes with clients.  Meeting Kate and Kevin Clarisey almost a year ago was unexpected.  They wanted assistance in finding a new home.  What a charge.  Each time I assist in this task, I am humbled.  The search was extensive and encompassed many communities with plenty crossed off the list.  Then they found it... the "new place." Not quite home... yet.

You see, the Clariseys owned a home with "great light."  You could sit in the dining room and soak it in while working on a puzzle, or in the living room while reading.  The kitchen and family room is where the light really played - even on an overcast day.  Doors, windows, everywhere. 

I believe that light is a feeling.  It can be seen for sure.  But it's essence is felt. 

The Clariseys closed on their "former home" last week.  The day before, I was invited to the "new place" and as I entered, my jaw dropped.  Such a transformation -- walls were opened up, stairs were moved, doorways created, new pantry and appliances, painting.... and light. I could see the light, but even more so I could feel it. 

The Clariseys are home!  Thanks for sharing your journey -- and your light -- with me.

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