Assemble Your Team... And Move

Posted on: July 18, 2014 4:00 pm
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Molly and Erick Buy Section


I just sold the first house I'd ever owned and purchased my second one.  All in a matter of about two months.  It's true.  I'm a real estate agent and I thought I knew everything.  After all, my days are spent coaching, reminding, answering questions, contacting lenders, inspectors, photographers, co-agents, title companies and clients.  I calm people down.  I trouble shoot.  I keep all things on schedule.  My goal is to navigate a way to the closing table with the least amount of inconvenience. I try to keep smiling the whole time.

I learned:  I do not know it all.  Home buying and selling is stressful, exciting, chaotic, scary, exhilarating, overwhelming, rewarding and expen$ive. 

Now I know first-hand the reality of a buyer client calling to ask "How do I know the sellers of the house I'm buying were honest when filling out the property disclosure?" or a seller desperately wanting to know "Why do I feel like I'm hemorrhaging money?"

When I became "the client" of myself, things became a bit murky.  Here are the juicy tidbits of what went down:

  • I was nervous and told the home stager not to judge me on the state of my house.
  • I asked my agent friends for advice on what price to sell my house for, and became a smidge defensive when they gave me their honest opinions.
  • I "pocket listed" my house (more info on what this means later in this newsletter). 
  • I sold my house quickly and then could not find a new one. 
  • I interviewed lenders and had to make a tough choice on which one to go with (many of my closest friends are lenders and I could only pick one).
  •  I negotiated my own contract to purchase with my and my husband's own money on the line.
  •  I second guessed myself more than a few times.
  •  I decided to go with the renovation financing option I had been selling my clients on for years. 
  • I hired a contractor and believed he and his crew would do what they said they would.
  • I enlisted the help of a good friend who is a designer and I will never be able to repay her (she kept me sane).
  • I weighed the pros and cons of an owner's title insurance policy.
  • I researched and hired a mover (for the first time ever in my life.)
  • I bought more boxes, plastic bins and mailing tape rolls than I ever knew even existed in the world.

Throughout the entire process, I was buoyed by the fact that I had my team in place and that with them, I really could not lose.  This truly makes all the difference. I knew the people who were providing the necessary services were the best (or among the best because I could not use everyone I think so highly of). 

I'm fortunate to be in my business, not only because I know who I can depend on for my move, but because I know who you can depend on for yours too.  Just ask!


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