With a unique blend of classic homes, eclectic and traditional businesses and entertainment venues, and a long tradition of community activism, Northside is the place to be for those who want an urban environment, yet also want to connect with their neighbors just as if they lived in a small town. Located just minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Northside is centrally located to all the area’s activities and attractions.

Drop off a letter at the post office, cash a check at the bank, pick up the latest CD from your favorite artist, get your hair styled, rent a DVD, buy a best-selling novel, browse the hippest fashions, shop for antiques, imported furniture or vintage clothes, get a tattoo, buy organic produce, fresh fruit, eggs and bread, and then relax with a latte over lunch – all within four blocks! If you live in Northside, that’s just a sample of what our “downtown” has to offer, all within walking distance of your home.

An urban village wouldn’t be complete without parks and green space. Northside has many attractive parks and woods, complete with hiking trails including Hoffner Park, Jergen’s Park, Mt. Airy Forest, Parker’s Woods, Buttercup Valley, Badgeley Run Park and Bradford-Felter Tanglewood.

Neighborhood organizations are very active in Northside. When Northside was threatened with being cut in half by a freeway connector between Hamilton Avenue and I-74, activists rallied and fought for forty years until the project was finally cancelled. When the Northside’s streetscape needed refurbishing, activists raised over $4,000,000 dollars to make it happen. Citizens on Patrol volunteers walk our streets and keep the neighborhood safe. With over 200 members, the Northside Community Council is one of the largest and most active in the city. Its members, committees and affiliates are all dedicated to making Northside the best place to live.

In short, if you are looking for an urban setting with a small-town feel, where neighbors know and care about one another, then Northside is the neighborhood for you.